Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequency asked questions and answers:

Better Shipping requires the real-time carrier shipping feature in order to work. This is available on the Shopify Unlimted Plan. However, you can still add the real-time carrier shipping feature to a Basic plan (or any other plan), without needing to fully upgrade to the Unlimited plan. To get this feature added to your current plan, please email Shopify directly ( and let them know that you want to add the real-time carrier shipping feature in order to use Better Shipping. They will will be pleased to add the feature to your store for a small fee.

Unfortunately its not yet possible to mix and match shipping solutions with Better Shipping. You will have to use Better Shipping for all your products.

Yes an no. If you have both shipping calculators and Better Shipping installed on your shop, shipping rates will be generated and presented from both the calculator, and Better Shipping to the customer. The customer will undoubtedly choose the cheaper option, though this is probably not the functionality you will be looking for. Our recommendation is to avoid mixing Better Shipping with other shipping calculators to avoid surprises and complications.

Of course! Better Shipping works in all countries that use Zip/Post codes.

Yes! Better Shipping will use whichever currency you are using in your Shopify Settings.

You can change the name of the ‘Shipping’ text in Better Shipping by creating a Delivery Area in Better Shipping. The name of the Delivery Area will be used as the text displayed. If you want to make sure you include all customer zip codes when creating a Delivery Area, please ensure that the rule has a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in the “Starts With” Field of the rule. Please have a look at "Delivery Area" section of this getting started guide for more information about Delivery Areas.

If you don’t have any delivery areas setup yet, here are the Steps

  1. Go to the "Delivery Areas" page in Better Shipping
  2. Create a new Delivery Area rule
  3. In the name field, put the name you want e.g. Express Shipping
  4. in the “Starts With” field put:


  5. Put 0.00 in the Price field
  6. Save the rule.

Please note however, this will restrict your shipping to only ship to countries that use zip/post codes. Any country that does not use zip/post codes will not be able to checkout using Better Shipping as a rate will not be generated. If you need to ship to countries that do not use zip codes, please contact us and we can see what we can do for you.

Yes this is possible, but currently it is enabled on a per store basis. Please email us at and we can turn it on for you!

More than likely! Usually when people have special shipping requirements it only requires minor changes to the shipping formular. We can do this for you and create a custom formular for your shop. We charge a flat fee of $500 for any changes. If you have a particularly special problem, we can create a whole new custom app exactly fitted to your purposes. Custom apps start from $500 and depend on complexity. Please contact us if you wish to take this route.

Unfortunately not at this time. The extra cost that you can add in the delivery areas will be applied to the total cart shipping to that area. This feature will be improved shortly so check back soon!

Not at this time, you must include all the areas you wish to ship to. This can be done easily encompassing large regions at a time with the “starts with” zip code feature. An exclude feature should be available in our next update so check back soon!

Can not find the answer to your question here? No problem, just send us an email here